R.I.P. Canadian hopes of getting the Cup back (but the Flames had one amazing playoff run)

Flames EmblemIt took me awhile to get around to actually writing up something on the game 7 loss of the Flames (I had to get over the loss and I had work as well). I mean they should have won in game 6, but that was not to be. In the end, Tampa Bay got the Cup. Did they deserve it? They are a good team and they played very well, so if any team deserves the Cup on merit, they earned it.

Of course there are Canadian players on Tampa’s team, so not all is lost. The Flames had a pretty good playoff run. No one expected them to get all the way to the finals, but they did. One season of hockey has come to a close, time to look to the future, and maybe next year it will be different (Go Montreal, GO HABS!). Meanwhile, Euro 2004 is coming up. Time to change gears and get my soccer fix. 🙂

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