Portugal pulls through on penalties and Greece causes "the" upset of the tournament!

Euro 2004 - Portugal and Greece win!Portugal goes to the semis of Euro 2004 after one amazing game with England (go Postiga!). The game was one huge emotional roller coaster and ended in the most brutal way a soccer game can end: Penalty shots. Yet again England gets the door due to the penalties. Also history was against England: In 40 years, England has not beaten Portugal on its home turf. The partying on St-Laurent street here in Montreal was huge after the win. But if you though that game was not enough, the Greeks pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament: They knocked off France! Yes, the same France which was favored by bookies and experts everywhere to win the cup this year!

Sure it was a 1-0 result, but the Greeks played well and got quality chances. The French were not up to their usual selves and their luck finally ran out. For France, Zidane was not playing his usual top-notch self (even got a yellow card) and the strikers were not there for France. As for England, they did lose Rooney but the biggest factor is that Beckham never really showed up to play when they needed him. Furthermore, both countries were beaten by teams that never gave up. So now that Croatia has been avenged (thank you Greece and Portugal!), I feel kind of empty. No team to cheer for now: I mean Portugal did get beyond what I ever expected and Greece, well that was just amazing. How can you even top that? Maybe by winning the cup? Either way, The Czechs have a good team and I would guess they would be the favorites now. But then again, this tournament has shown that you have to expect the unexpected. May the best team win (you all have a shot at the title now)! Hmmmm, maybe I should get some more work done now… 🙂

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