It’s now or never… (Croatia vs. England)

Euro 2004 - Croatia vs. England - June 21, 2004It has been a pretty good Euro 2004 so far. Croatia has done well (2 ties) but has to win its game against England to be able to go to the next round. England needs only a tie to advance. It should be one great game and Croatia does have the team to compete with the best of them.

Best example? Prso’s goal in the 2-2 tie with France. That goal was sheer beauty. Actually the whole game was great and exciting. Croatia came back from being down a goal to actually leading by one! Of course the luck of the French kicked in (or should it be the luck of the Irish?) and Trezeguet got the ball, with the help of his hand (ruled unintentional), and got the tying (and final) goal. Croatia could have won it in the second minute of injury time, but Mornar missed the net, even if he was right in front of it! But what is done is done, the tournament must go on! One interesting note: The people of Scotland have gone Croat Crazy! Since Scotland did not qualify for the tournament, they were looking for a country to support and found that country in Croatia. Croatian soccer jerseys are selling like hot cakes in Glasgow! Of course there is the fact that Croatia has a chance to stop England from going to the next round… I wonder how the Scots would take to that happening? 😉

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