F1 time in Montreal (and St-Laurent Boulevard is the place to be)

Teams and sponsors at the MTL Grand Prix 2004It’s Grand Prix time in MTL once again. St-Laurent Boulevard has been closed to traffic and pedestrians have the freedom to walk and enjoy the kiosks, bars, restaurants and cofffee shops. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, it has an energy all it’s own. Had the chance to celebrate a friend’s birthday as well as mine (much belated though since mine was in May).

Good food, good weather, good people, it was almost like when I was on vacation in Croatia (minus the ocean). As for the F1 race, I would probably go one day if I had the chance (but it’s expensive). For now, it will serve as a backup to soccer this weekend (in case the Euro 2004 matches don’t live up to expectations). Who will win the race? Michael Schumacher will probably get it (he’s won 6 out of 7 races this season), but you never know.

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