The Site Shall Grow… Be Patient, Young Grasshopper!

As I’m piecing the site together during the next few weeks (and possibly months), new sections and pages will appear. Is there a set schedule? Not really. Is there a plan? Somewhat, since I’ll be migrating some of the content from my old site (which I did backup on my computer prior to my previous host’s HD crash).

For the moment, the main page will be the center of all the info I shall be putting in. For anyone who is astute enough to notice, I’ve used Dreamweaver to code the page (I based the site on their Halo template), and I use CSS extensively. I’ve had to make some structural changes (for which most people don’t care about) so IE users can properly view the site (so I’ve heavily modified the original template). For now some links will simply point back to the main page.

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Walking Enthusiast, Technology Transfer Advisor @ Concordia University, Intellectual Property Valuation Expert @ Kalotem & Amateur Photographer.