Sharks get well done by Flames and Lightning lost its spark against the Flyers. Life is still good

Flames EmblemWell, barring all types of puns (and futile attempts at humorous titles), the Flames are, need I say it, hot. They beat the Sharks 4-1. Good defensive game (but with speed) and no need for overtime to get the victory. Now that they are up 2-0 in the series and coming back to home ice, it should be a great game.

With a Flames win and Tampa Bay getting creamed 6-2 by Philly on Monday (the Bulin Wall finally went down!), the Habs are being avenged, most of the commentators at CNNSI are being proven wrong in their predictions, and a Canadian team still has a shot at getting the Cup. Let the good times keep on rolling! On another note, one thing I have noticed so far in the series (and in the playoffs, for the games I have watched) is that Canadian fans are more "into in" during the game than American fans. There is more energy, more screaming, more reactions to the near misses, the checks, etc. It just makes the game a blast to watch.

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