I’m on vacation and I’m actually doing a webpage update

Me in Split, CroatiaWell, the unthinkable has happened: Me updating my site while on vacation. Why you may ask? Because some people (who shall remain nameless) think that I’m not where I’m suppose to be. So yes, I am here in beautiful Croatia on vacation, enjoying the weather, the beer, the sights and the sounds. Have I gotten a tan yet? Probably not.

Will I be getting souvenirs for certain people back home? Considering that there is disbelief in my vacation location, looks like I’ll just be thinking of me, myself and I! But seriously, the best souvenirs are the memories you get (and the pictures you take). Besides, the usual souvenir stuff (mugs and other trinkets) tends to be overpriced and ends up gathering dust somewhere (not always of course). And to be more blunt, been having too much fun (and not enough time) to even think about getting any souvenirs! And now back to having some more fun!

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