Hajduk is no. 1, Flames roast the Sharks and Canada wins against Sweden. Life is good!

Hajduk EmblemHajduk (pronounced "hi-duke"), my favorite Croatian soccer team, won their game against Rijeka 2-0. What does this mean? Hajduk is back in the no. 1 spot in the Croatian First Division (take that Dinamo!). Meanwhile the Flames (the only Canadian team left in the NHL playoffs) got the best of the Sharks in OT nonetheless (they remind me of the Habs in the 1993 playoffs: OT equaled a win).

With the Habs out, the Flames give me my playoff fix (must…. have… playoff hockey), when I have the time to watch. Besides, they are defending Canadian pride (remember, the Cup is Canadian). Last but not least, Canada wins 5-3 against Sweden at the world championships (23 world titles so far!). Life is good (now time to face the week and the research work that comes with it).

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