Back from the darkness…

Cafe Depot - Corner St-Laurent & Prince-Arthur, MTL, QC, CanadaWell after a few years of not having a web page operational, I’m back on the Net with a web presence again! Last time it was under the guise of "The Thundros Zone" (for anyone that can remember that site, which died at the end of 2002 due to a hard drive crash at my previous host).

What my site will bring, what will be its goal, time shall tell. One thing which is different this time around is the more personal aspect of the site. With a PhD going on, traveling and actually making the best of life, I hope that my web site will not go into neglect as last time :-). My last site didn’t cost me a penny to run, since the space was included in my Net access fees (since my web host was also my ISP) but this time around getting a dedicated web host for the job (and paying the money for it).

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Walking Enthusiast, Technology Transfer Advisor @ Concordia University, Intellectual Property Valuation Expert @ Kalotem & Amateur Photographer.